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Roman Blinds

Here at Tailor & Drapes, we have over 20 years’ experience when it comes to the creation of stunning, handmade Roman blinds in Bedford, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Roman blinds are the ideal choice for a clean, contemporary and modern look. With a wide range of braid and pompom trimmings available, to soften the look if required. Our range of Roman blinds here at Tailor & Drapes use the minimum amount of material and looks like a piece of flat fabric when closed. There are a few ways a Roman blind can be folded and this can be discussed and shown at the initial consultation. As a Roman blind uses less fabric than a pair of curtains, you can experiment with bold and colourful patterns, without the fear of overkill.

Roman blinds are also particularly suited to smaller windows, which could be overwhelmed by a pair of curtains. Roman blinds are perfect in cottage windows, where the blind will seat neatly within the recess, without taking up space either side of the window. Similarly, a Roman blind is just right for a kitchen or bathroom. You don’t want any bulky fabric over the sink area, or any extra fabric taking up space in one of the smallest rooms in the home. You can maximise space and practicality by going for Roman blinds.

If the room you’re fitting for has a wide or bay window, then the amount of curtaining needed to cover it will be quite substantial. As an alternative option you can have dressed curtains and then Roman blinds as your main window dressing.

If you are based in Milton Keynes, Bedford or the surrounding areas and you are looking for roman blinds for either a commercial or domestic property, then make sure you give the team here at Tailor and Drapes a call on 01234 391 536 to book in a free consultation with us or fill in our contact form.