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Here at Tailor & Drapes, we have over 20 years’ experience when it comes to the creation of stunning, handmade and bespoke blinds in Bedford and the surrounding areas. As part of our wide variety of high-quality blinds, we also have an offering of blackout roller blinds available, which are often made from a thicker material than regular blinds. Blackout blinds offer a perfect solution to the increased sunshine in the summer months. Whilst the spring transition brings a refreshing change to the winter darkness, the increase hours of sunlight can be problematic when it comes to sleeping.

Our blackout blinds can have a number of benefits:


Closing blackout blinds and dimming lights in the evening before we go to bed helps prepare our brains and bodies for sleep. Furthermore, research has shown that cutting out all light sources while we sleep can halt interruptions to out body clocks.


As a result of the thicker fabrics used, blackout blinds, which not only block light from getting into a room, also block any light inside being seen by anyone on the outside. This makes them ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms where the most privacy is required, as not even shadows can be seen.

Lower Energy Bills

Thicker lined blackout material helps to retain heat in a room when it is cold and will reflect heat out of a room when hot and help maintain a relaxing environment. This ensures you will not be wasting extra money on heating or cooling a room and being more environmentally friendly at the same time. Some studies say you could see a 25% reduction in an energy bill, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Sound Reduction

External noises are damped with the blackout blind’s thicker linings. This is particularly useful if you live near a busy road or have loud neighbours, alleviating your tired ears from annoying noises.

If you are based in Bedford, Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, make sure to get in touch with us today regarding your blackout blinds and be sure to book a free consultation.

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